Our 2018 Camping Statistics and Costs

If you spend any time on RV related internet forums, you'll see a handful of questions that come up over and over and over, chief among them: 'how much does it cost to live and travel in an RV fulltime?'

2018 – It’s Complicated

Oh 2018… what are we gonna do with you? On the surface, you were dreamy…. All national parks, new friends, delicious food, and jaw dropping sites...

A Simple Song

Flipping through a mountain of photos from my parents’ house, I stumbled upon this one. The photograph is low quality, grainy, discolored, and dark, the product of 1970s camera tech and film that likely...

Thoughts, Observations, and Musings from Two Years on the Road

In no particular order, 100 thoughts from two years on the road

The Beauty of Life on the Road: Friends Edition

Maintaining some sort of social life on the road is just one more thing we attempt to balance...


We lost our Dixie girl last week. It was completely unexpected and we find ourselves utterly heartbroken by her passing.

2017 in the Rearview, 2018 Out Front

So, here we are: 2017 is almost entirely in the history books while 2018 awaits. Wow, this year really flew, even more so than last. And it was a great year...

Moderately Atypical: The Relentless Cruelty of Forty

“Are you taking those for your back, your neck, or your knee?” Kevin asked as I placed the super-sized bottle of Advil back in its place in our bathroom.

Blunders, Fails, & Boneheaded Screw ups from a Year on the Road

I always expected to write this post. However, I thought I would have a lot more material to work with.

The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself. And Spiders.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am deathly afraid of spiders. Like, truly terrified. I fully realize my overwhelming dread of these tiny insects is completely irrational, but it's a phobia, so that's permitted.