Canada Campground Reviews

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Campground Review: Scott’s Campground, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Like most Canadian commercial campgrounds we've stayed in, this place was packed in tight, but it provided a convenient place to stay when exploring Niagara Falls.

Campground Review: Lunenburg Board of Trade Campground, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

This campground is all about location. Its perch on a hill just a few blocks from the main pier in Lunenburg makes it a fantastic base for exploring the area.

Campground Review: Bras d’Or Lakes Campground, Baddeck, Nova Scotia

One of several campgrounds located in Baddeck, we found this to be a decent commercial campground with thoughtful staff decisions making things more pleasant than they could have been.

Campground Review: New Glasgow Highlands Campground, New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island

There were things we really loved and things we were pretty unhappy about. Our site was different than the other sites in the park. This created huge benefits, but also significant problems.

Campground Review: Stonehurst Trailer Park and Golf Course, Moncton, New Brunswick

Like many of the campgrounds we've been in recently, this one is very much a parking lot in an open field...which we are not big fans of. Overall, it served its purpose, but it was pretty forgettable.
Sunset in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick

Campground Review: Kiwanis Oceanfront Camping, Saint Andrews, New Brunswick

While this campground was packed in very tightly, its oceanfront location right in the charming town of Saint Andrews, more than made up for the cramped quarters.