California Posts

Pandemic Winter in San Diego

This year, we spent the entire winter in San Diego.

Grumpy Old Men Know Nothing About Photography

Recently, Kevin, Thor, and I took a drive to Borrego Springs, a small town located about two hours east of San Diego in the Southern California desert.

Oktoberfest and the Oregon Coast

Upon escaping the Portland traffic vortex, we headed first for a quick two night stop in a tiny town that does Oktoberfest right, before heading for the coast, where we combined some sightseeing, hiking, and the devouring of cheese.

A Day in L.A.

On a warm sunny Southern California morning, we jumped in the car and headed north for a day of sightseeing in the nation's second most populous city.

The Beauty of Life on the Road: Friends Edition

Maintaining some sort of social life on the road is just one more thing we attempt to balance...

San Diego: Love and Loathing on the California Coast

No matter what city you name, there will always be someone who will vow never to return there. Except San Diego. Everyone loves San Diego.

Hiking, Tamales, and a Little Bit of Culture in the California Desert

We spent about ten days exploring the desert near Palm Springs, California...