Quitting our old lives and jumping into this new one was not something we took lightly. We did our research and continue to do it with every decision we make. Such preparation has served us well, allowing us to enjoy a life of full-time travel with few unexpected challenges along the way (keyword: “unexpected.” There are still “challenges,” but there have been few for which we were unprepared). As we researched full time RV living, and as we’ve encountered issues on the road, we’ve curated a ready supply of helpful websites and resources to help us figure things out. Here are some of those resources.

RV and RVing Information

  • Wheeling It – Nina’s website is the absolute best around.  She’s got information on RVing, traveling, campgrounds, health insurance, getting help for veterinary issues on the road, and just about every other topic that can be useful to full-time RVers. We rely on her site on a regular basis. Additionally, when we’ve reached out via email with specific questions, she, and her husband, Paul, have always been responsive and helpful.
  • RV Geeks – If you need to learn how to maintain, clean, check, replace, or fix any component in an RV, look here first. Their high quality videos were indispensable when we were figuring out how to handle and maintain our rig.
  • IRV2 – This is a forum for all kinds of RVs and all kinds of RVers. The message boards are easily searchable and, chances are, you can find a discussion on just about any topic here.
  • HitchUpandGo – This is a website clearinghouse for all things related to RVing. There are lists of RV blogs (ours is listed), RV related websites, how-to videos, RV products, and social media resources. It’s kindof a one stop shop for finding websites that relate to RVs and RVing. It’s not flashy, but it seems to be complete.

Tiffin Specific Information

  • Tiffin Forums – This is our go-to source for questions about our RV. It is a forum by and for Tiffin owners and it contains a wealth of information about all aspects of living in and maintaining an RV (not just Tiffins). The folks on here are incredibly helpful and friendly. Ask any question and someone, usually many someones, will offer advice.
  • Tiffin Open Roaders – If you own an Open Road and need any kind of technical assistance or just want to connect with other owners, this is an excellent place to start. It’s big enough to have plenty of people, but small enough that it’s not overwhelming. Also, the admins do a good job of keeping things on topic.
  • Life Rebooted – In addition to their travel blog, Mike and Kathie have posted all of the various manuals for our rig (they have the same model as us) on their site, as well as documented some very cool upgrades they’ve done. When it comes to specific information about our RV, we often stop here first.

Campground Reviews

  • Campendium – This site has become my go-to site for finding options for where to stay. Most every campground is listed and the majority now have at least some reviews. Because the site has only been around for about 3 years, the reviews are all recent and relevant and many feature helpful photos.
  • Campground Reviews – When there aren’t many reviews on Campendium, I often check this review site out. It’s grown significantly over the years (I believe it’s been bought out by another organization which has helped) and oftentimes has information about less trafficked campgrounds.
  • Campsite Photos – This site contains photos of individual campsites at hundreds of public campgrounds. You can search by campground and then click through every available site to find one that suits your needs. It’s extremely helpful.

Campground Booking

Campground Full – This program, designed by Tim Watson at Watsons Wander, checks popular campgrounds for availability within a particular window. Since a lot of people cancel their reservations at the last minute, this program allows RVers to find campsites in hard-to-reserve campgrounds.