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A Million Moving Parts

Hey - Remember that time like a month ago when I was all: "we're already in good shape to move abroad and it should be smooooooooooth sailing!" Yeah. About that.

“You’re gonna do WHAT?!?!” Why We’re Moving to Lisbon, Portugal

For many years now, our families and friends have gotten used to Kevin and I dropping our seemingly random/insane travel ideas on them.

Six Month Roundup

The last travelogue I wrote was back in the Summer after we'd crossed the country from west to east. What followed was six months of catching up with friends and family after a two-year hiatus due to Covid.

The Things We’ve Learned: Advice, Tips, and Resources from Five Years of Fulltime RV...

After 5+ years on the road, here is some of the best advice we've received, and the tips we'd pass on to new RVers who are just starting out.

2022: The End of the Road

For this post, we’re takin it back to 1991, firing up the boombox, and blastin out some vintage Boyz II Men.