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Johnny Cash, Nuclear Chicken, and the Woo Girls of Nashville

From the very first time we set foot in Nashville, we were hooked. The music, the food, the architecture, the energy, the history...we loved it all. So, when we had the chance to head back for a third visit, we were immediately on board.

A Charlestown Slowdown and a Return to Music City

Soon after the Chicago Marathon, we started our southward trek, stopping for a lovely 8 day break in Charlestown, Indiana, before returning to one of our favorite cities, Nashville.

Surprise!! Nashville Rocks!

If you had asked me a year ago which destination I thought would be the first we'd return to, I can assure you my answer would not have been 'Nashville.'

Walking in Memphis, Part II – The National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine...

If there is one word I would use to describe the National Civil Rights Museum, it is "exhausting."
Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee

Walking in Memphis, Part I – Graceland

We wanted to visit Graceland because it's one of those bucket list things you kinda have to do if you're out on a Great American Road Trip, but we almost bagged the idea...