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Hello and welcome to Chapter 3 Travels! We are Kevin, Laura, and Thor – two recovering worker-bees and one stubborn-but-loveable German Shepherd who, in 2022, took our love of travel and exploration to Lisbon, Portugal.

Back in 2016, Kevin and I left our careers, sold our house, and got rid of most of our things. We had decided that life was short and there was no time like the present to do the things we wanted to do. And what we wanted to do was travel. But we quickly realized our dog was never going to agree to a backpacking trip around Southeast Asia, so we decided to buy a motorhome and explore our own beautiful country instead. We knew nothing about RV travel, but we didn’t let that deter us.

We studied up, did our research, and bought a sturdy, reliable, and comfortable Tiffin Allegro 36LA.

Our motorhome, nicknamed “Barney,” served us well, taking us to some 47 states and two Canadian provinces over six adventure-filled years.

From the steaming geysers of Yellowstone to the cactus-filled deserts of Arizona, from the rocky coastline of Maine to the sandy beaches of Southern California, from the Hoover Dam to the Kennedy Space Center, we’ve been blown away by the beauty, ingenuity, and diversity of the United States.

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But when it came time to call it quits, we weren’t quite sure what to do. We’d been looking for our next home base for some time, but hadn’t found a city that ticked all the boxes on our list. That was when we learned about Lisbon – the beautiful, sunny, welcoming capital of Portugal. We learned that Lisbon offered fascinating history, delicious cuisine, solid infrastructure, and a nice climate – something we really craved after “chasing 70 degrees” for the past several years. Plus, Lisbon’s central, well-connected location would offer us not only easy access to Portugal’s gorgeous beaches, mountains, and villages, but to all the rest of Europe as well.

We dove into the research once more and quickly concluded Lisbon was the place for us. And given our history of nomadic living, we realized we were well positioned to make the move.

So, in the Fall of 2022, we headed to Lisbon to begin our next chapter.

For the last six years, I’ve used this blog to catalogue our travels, connect with other wanderers, and provide my honest and straightforward thoughts about our life of travel. I try to keep things light and entertaining, but make it a point to be forthright about the good, the bad, and the ugly of whatever we’re doing.

Poke around the site, subscribe to new posts, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Thanks for stopping by. We’re glad you’re here!