Assuming nothing has gone horribly wrong, our site should look very different today. (If it says “Error 404,” let’s just act like this never happened, and check back tomorrow. K? Thanks.)

As we mentioned in our year in review post a few months ago, we recently decided to change the look and feel of our site to be more user friendly and to offer what we hope will be helpful content for current and aspiring RVers. When we were planning to make the leap into this lifestyle, we spent enormous amounts of time reading blogs and websites, and this is our attempt to pay it forward.

What’s new?

Travel Maps

These maps, which you can find on the side and top bar of the site, show our route. If you click on them, you’ll be able to see the exact path we traveled between locations (click on the route line itself to see all our GPS information), as well as links to my blog posts and campground reviews for the places we’ve visited (click on an individual site to see the relevant links). We’ll keep adding to the routes and linking back as we go.

Campground Reviews

Under the “campground reviews” tab, you’ll find our reviews of the various places we’ve stayed. At the bottom of (almost) every one, you’ll find a gallery of photos. At the top of each review is a link to a post where we explain what our criteria is, and why. (Note: as of March, 2017, we have only posted reviews for places we visited in 2017. I’ll write ones for our 2016 campgrounds over the next several weeks.)

2 views from an RV windshield - one with RVs and one with trees
There’s a big difference between the view out our front window between these two campgrounds…..Our campground reviews focus on the things that matter most to us (ie: finding places like the bottom pic and avoiding places like the top pic.)

Favorite Things

These are items we’ve bought, use, and love. They are divided into different categories – outfitting the RV, items for daily life, travel gadgets, etc. Please note, the links provided are NOT affiliate links… not because we don’t want to make tons of money off this website, but because (a) we’re pretty sure that’s not gonna happen, and (b) I really don’t want to turn this blog-writing hobby into a job. We are simply trying to provide honest, helpful information to others in the community. Also, our list does not include every single item a new RVer needs because we figure there are plenty of those lists out there already. These are simply the things that we love and feel others might love too.

Our instant pot (pressure cooker/slow cooker/rice cooker, etc) is one of our most favorite things.

Our Instagram Feed

Instagram is where we typically post photographs we really like or that capture what we’re up to. It is our favorite social media platform and the one with which we’ve engaged most with folks who are doing what we’re doing. Now, when we post something on Instagram, it will show up on our website as well.

Photograph of beach house at sunset.
One of our favorite photos from Instagram

Travel Archives and Musings Archive

The Travel Archives contain a list of all the states we’ve visited and the associated blog posts I’ve written about them. This way, if someone is going to be traveling to a state and wants to see where we went and what we did, they can easily find the right posts, rather than scrolling through tons of unrelated content. The Musings Archive is where you’ll find my past blog posts that are not specifically destination or travel related.

A sticker map of the United States
A travel sticker map is standard decor for many RVers. We have a LONG way to go before ours is done, and we are very excited about that!


These are the websites, blogs, and online forums we regularly rely on for information and assistance.

Other Items

In addition to making some minor changes to our “About Us” page, we’ve added an “About Barney” page, so new visitors can learn more about our RV.

The Blog

I will continue to chronicle our travels and poke fun at ourselves as we continue to find our way in the full-time RV travel world. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the traffic we’ve been seeing on this site, and we’ve really appreciated the positive feedback we’ve received. So we’ll continue doing what we’ve been doing in addition to adding to these other resource pages as we go. Speaking of which, for people who’ve subscribed to our mailing list, my blog posts will continue to arrive like usual. For RV specific information, like campground reviews, maps, and RV resources, we’ll just put that stuff up on the site so we’re not burying people in emails they don’t care about.

So…stop by, have a look around, and don’t be shy if you have other ideas of things that might be interesting or helpful (you can contact us by clicking here or feel free to comment below… or anywhere else. We like comments.) Also, please let us know if you run into any broken links or pictures that won’t load or anything like that. Finally, if you like our site, please share it with others. If you don’t like our site, please share it with others anyway.

Thanks again for following us!

-Kevin, Laura, & Dixie


  1. Very cool! Love the map with your location. Lol. You broke down and are doing the sticker map. In one of your earlier posts you said you wouldn’t (image of a map with push pins everywhere!). New look and feel is great and those chairs look amazingly comfy!! ????????

    • Thanks!! I love the maps too. Google maps is basically my favorite thing in the world. I would be lost without it. And I’m telling you, whoever bought those chairs is INCREDIBLY awesome!!!

  2. I didn’t see your site before, because I just found you! However, I follow several sites and I love this layout! I look forward to reading about your experience because we are preparing to do exactly what you’ve done. We are about a 18 months away from beginning our new journey, but I CAN”T WAIT!. It will fun to watch your journey from (almost) the beginning. Great job with the sight and I love your easy writing style. Very enjoyable to read. Thank you for taking the time to share your journey.

    • Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment! The 18 months will go fast, I promise. And no matter how much you prepare, there will be a mad dash at the end. If you need advice or help or anything, feel free to reach out. We had lots of people along the way who answered our questions. We’re happy to help others if we can. Good luck!


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