The "expired" contents of our kitchen cabinets

We spend a lot of time thinking about and talking over “the plan.”

Where will we go?  What will we do?  How will we afford this? How will it affect our relationship? Will the dog be ok?

Big, scary, life changing questions.

In addition to these questions, we twist ourselves in knots asking HOW we are going to make this happen?

What will we do with all our stuff? How will we sell items that can be sold?  What should we hold on to?  Can we ask friends to hold valuables for safekeeping?  Should we rent storage? Do we need a safe deposit box?

But then, just as these questions begin sending me into a panic, I open our kitchen cabinet, reach toward the back and pull down a can of soup.  I notice it’s sell by date was 2011.

From the highest shelf, way in the back, I pull down a box of Stove Top stuffing.  It’s sell by date was 2009.

I take a look at a box of saltines on the same shelf and ask “Why on earth do we even have saltines?  We never eat saltines.”  Slowly, fearfully, I look at the bottom of the box.

Not good.

And in that moment, I realize we could probably just toss 60% of what’s in our home. As much as we are not “pack rats” in the traditional sense, we have not exactly been motivated to get rid of items hiding in the backs of our cupboards and closets.

I just wonder what else we’re gonna uncover in this place.

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