When we made the decision to head out of Austin, it was with two main goals in mind: (1) to escape the Texas heat; and (2) to go somewhere with great hiking trails. An additional concern was finding places that would have availability during a busy Summer. Turns out, instead of reducing the number of travelers on the road, the pandemic multiplied it exponentially. Lacking the ability to jump on a plane or board a cruise ship, American vacationers everywhere have officially turned 2020 into “The Summer of the RV

Oh goody.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Whatever.

In any case, all this meant we were – even more so than usual – competing with a lot of people to find a campsite in a desirable location. We also needed to cover July 4 weekend – always a busy time.

On a lark, I looked up Henrys Lake State Park, a gorgeous park we first discovered in 2018, and, lo and behold, they had a cancellation on one of their prime spots for the time period we needed. Score! I grabbed 10 days and we officially had a plan.

Henrys Lake is wonderful! Located near Idaho’s border with Wyoming and Montana, not only is the setting gorgeous, but the campground is ideally laid out to take advantage of the marvelous scenery. Our site offered the best of all worlds, with mountains off one side:

Site 62 at Henrys Lake State Park
Site 62 at Henrys Lake State Park

…and lake views behind us:

Site 62 at Henrys Lake State Park

Additionally, the park offers several well maintained hiking trails, which gave us plenty to do. In fact, during our ten day visit, we only left the park twice, once to visit Yellowstone and once to tackle a nearby hike. Henrys Lake was the perfect location for doing what we wanted to be doing.

Less perfect was the fact that, a couple weeks before our visit, a man got mauled by a grizzly bear at the park.

In fact, when we arrived, the hiking trails were closed because of bear activity.

Trail closure sign at Henrys Lake State ParkFortunately, a couple days after our arrival, park rangers gave visitors the all-clear, and off we went – a prayer in our hearts and bear spray in our hands.

There are a couple alternative loops one can make on the main trail system – all averaging out to about 3 miles, which was fine by us. The scenery is varied and beautiful and the weather is often dramatic; we went from blue skies and sunshine to 40 degrees and raining to thunderstorms with hail, all within a few days.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course, the happiest among us was Thor who realized that, beneath all the tall grasses next to the lake, was water! He then, promptly, spazzed out. (Kevin has been playing around with video editing software, so, enjoy…)

Dodging Delinquents

Once we’d explored the various trails inside the state park, I started looking around for other local, dog friendly hiking options. I found what appeared to be the perfect hike in Targhee National Forest …until I saw this commentary on a hiking site:

What I want to know is, which came first? The hiking trail or the “Home for Wayward Bears”?

I mean, really… WTF??

Who decided to build a hiking trail right through the middle of a dumping ground for pain in the ass grizzly bears???

Or did the hiking trail already exist when some bureaucrat decided to turn the whole place into the Hunger Games?

Needless to say, we hit the “NOPE!” button on that one and opted for an old favorite – the Rock Creek Basin Trail – a hike we’d done with our friends Mona Liza and Steve back in 2018.

This is a strikingly pretty Alpine trail full of pine forests, mountain and valley views, and lush meadows:

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Best of all, there’s a magnificent payoff midway through the hike:

Mountain views on the Rock Creek Basin Trail

When we first hiked this trail in 2018, the meadows were carpeted with wildflowers and we were blown away by all the colors. This time, it was a bit early for flowers, but that meant there was still a lot of snow.

And you know who loves snow? This guy!

Thor standing on a snow pile

He explored every patch.

The big ones…

Thor standing on a snow pile

The small ones…

Thor standing on a snow pile

The ones retreating up the side of the mountain… with Kevin dutifully trudging along behind him:

Kevin and Thor walking up a hill toward a snow patch

He pounced, he zoomed, he rolled, he munched…. It was the simplest and purest form of joy.

Yellowstone Redux

Henrys Lake is located just twenty minutes from the West entrance to Yellowstone National Park. We spent a ton of time there in 2018 and were completely blown away, so we figured it would be worth a return visit. This time, we headed for the back side of Old Faithful to explore more of the Upper Geyser Basin.

It turned out to be a great choice. We found all the qualities that make Yellowstone the festival of crazy we love, with far fewer people than some other popular spots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not that there weren’t people, of course, but Yellowstone is so enormous, there’s plenty of space to spread out.

Sadly, humanity being what it is, there had to be at least one moment that left us shaking our heads…

This is the “Morning Glory Pool”, a famously striking and brilliant hot spring, located about one mile behind Old Faithful.

Morning Glory Pool at Yellowstone National Park

Gorgeous, right?

The only problem: it’s supposed to be blue.

In the 1880’s, when the pool was named, it was bright blue. However, over the years, people who suck kept throwing junk into the water, and that junk interfered with the natural  processes of the hot spring. Eventually, the temperature of the water fell, changing the types of bacteria that grow and provide the pool its color.

The night before our visit, I happened to read up on the history of the pool and, as we were walking up towards it, I was telling Kevin that back in the 1950’s, park officials had tried to clean out some of the junk and found numerous coins, handkerchiefs, towels and other garbage.

As we were shaking our heads at how thoughtless and irresponsible people can be, we walk up and see this: a group of friends taking turns jumping over the fence and walking to the back of the pool to take photos.

Tourists standing on the ground behind Morning Glory Pool
Where’s a pissed off, delinquent grizzly bear when you need him?

There are signs all over Yellowstone that warn against leaving the boardwalks and walking on the delicate grounds or getting anywhere near these pools – not only because it’s unsafe for the visitor, but because it’s destructive to the natural environment.

Sadly, there were no rangers around, but another tourist lit into them, resulting in their quick exit from the area.


When not wishing for a vicious grizzly bear mauling, we watched Old Faithful do her thing. This is the view from the backside of the geyser, opposite the hundreds of people who gathered in the main viewing area.

Old Faithful

…and here’s a fun video Kevin put together combining imagery from our 2018 and 2020 visits. (Eat your heart out, Spielberg.)

Missoula – Parks & Rec

After ten idyllic days at Henrys, we headed north to Missoula. It was time to restock and do normal life stuff (there is not much – at all – in Island Park), so off to the big city, we went. The drive up was beautiful, a tiny sample of Montana’s natural majesty. (Click on any pic for a full sized version.)

We liked everything about Missoula. It’s a college town surrounded by gorgeous mountains, the people are friendly, everything is well maintained, and even the campground we stayed at was a standout.

Jim & Mary’s RV Park is known for its impressive landscaping. There are flower displays and gardens throughout the park and staff are always out and about working on keeping things in tip-top shape. Additionally, sites are reasonably spaced, there are plenty of trees, and it just has an overall nice feel to it.

Downtown, we explored some of the rails to trails/riverside paths that offer plenty of recreation space. The parks are nicely maintained, there’s an enormous off leash dog area right on the river, and plenty of space for art and community activities. We have no doubt that had we been here during a normal summer, there would have been outdoor concerts and other special events in these locations.

In addition to getting our must-do stuff done, we ventured out to Draught Works Brewery.

When it comes to this virus, I always think of the great George Carlin:

“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?”

He was totally right and I feel like his sentiments apply directly to this pandemic.

We have friends who haven’t left their neighborhoods since March and we have friends who routinely dine inside at restaurants and only wear masks when they’re legally required to do so. And every one of them thinks what they’re doing is completely reasonable and other people are either: (a) paranoid; or (b) reckless.

For us, we try to keep up with the news and make decisions based on the sources and advice we trust. And those sources have us feeling pretty confident about being outside, as long as we’re reasonably distant from others.

So, when I saw that there was a brewery in Missoula that had converted their parking lot to outdoor seating, had placed their tables more than 6 feet apart, was using single use menus, and was requiring masks, not only did we feel comfortable going there, we wanted to patronize their establishment.

In our view, businesses that adapt to this situation and do everything they can to keep their staff and customers healthy should be rewarded.

Plus, beer is delicious and we like drinking it.

So, we went and… it. was. amazing. Amazing!

Look at those happy campers!

In addition to truly tasty beer, there was abundant sunshine, a nice breeze, and even a Thai food truck!

Thai food truck at Draught Works Brewery

And if all that wasn’t enough, Batman, Superman, the Wonderbread guy, and some dude wearing a shark on his head made an appearance!

Why? No idea. Don’t care. We were busy enjoying our delicious, carb-y yumminess.

We visited twice. Both times were great and, since it’s been over a month and neither of us are on a ventilator, it seems to have been a success. Sweet!

Next up….

And with that, we packed up and headed north to visit a place that’s been on both of our bucket lists since before we met: Glacier National Park. More on that next.


Where we stayed:

Henrys Lake State Park, Island Park, Idaho

Jim & Mary’s RV Park, Missoula, Montana


    • It is nice to have a dog around to provide constant distraction these days. Dogs don’t care about the news or politics or any of it. They just want to have fun and be loved. Good therapy.

  1. I lived in Missoula for a couple of years in my 20s. Even with bachelors degrees we (the now-husband and I) couldn’t make a living there and had to move to greener pastures, but I was very sad to leave. Aside from being dirt poor, I loved living there!

    • That’s interesting. If the local economy wasn’t doing well before, I imagine it’s going to be really tough going forward in the face of this pandemic. I’m sure the college brings in a lot of activity, so if they’re only partially operational, it’s gonna be a struggle. Either way, it’s unfortunate since it’s such a nice area.

  2. We LOVED Henrys!!! We also saw morons off the trail in Yellowstone, it hard to understand that level of selfishness. I’m usually the tourist yelling “Hey Jackass, can’t you read!?!?”
    Brewery and food truck = heaven! Glad you are out having fun.

  3. Sooo beautiful! It looks like you found plenty of places to enjoy the trails without other people around, even in Yellowstone. Well, except for those selfish idiots off the trail. I can’t help myself…I yell at stupid people doing stupid things in state or national parks. I tell them I’m an off-duty ranger (little do they know I’m referring to being a volunteer host teaching Jr. Rangers on Lopez Island, LOL). I usually scare the shit out of them and they stop doing whatever stupid thing they’re doing.

    The next time we head to Yellowstone, we want to stay for a few days at Henry’s Lake. In the site you had! Thor clearly was having the time of his life. It makes me happy, seeing him cavorting through the tall grasses. 🙂 The videos are a fun addition to your travelogues! And hanging out in Missoula drinking beer outside with a Thai food parked nearby…that gives me hope.

    • It’s definitely good for people to speak up when they see this stuff – and some occasional misrepresentation about one’s level of authority is perfectly reasonable. I really wish there had been a ranger around at the time because these people needed to be kicked out. It was just infuriating.

      Henrys Lake is awesome and you guys would love it. It’s the perfect spot because it provides easy access to the west entrance of Yellowstone without having to deal with the hordes of people at the commercial campgrounds. Plus, it’s beautiful.

      Our outings in Missoula gave me some hope, too. It was nice to just do something that felt normal again.

  4. Beautiful pictures, as always! I just saw an article where park rangers were advising not to push your slower friends down when escaping a bear…. ?. I think Kevin may have found a new career!!

    • That trail is definitely a great one. And yeah, we are fortunate to be able to find nice, cool places to go hiking. Nothing is ideal for anyone these days, but we’re making the best of it and staying optimistic that things will improve across the board soon. Hope you guys are doing ok!

  5. The photos are gorgeous!! What a great choice for a location for a bit.

    Also, I recognize Buffy music when I hear it. I knew there was a reason I enjoy you two! Or perhaps it was Thor’s music choice. One never knows…

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA! You know, I originally had a sentence in there that said “extra credit for anyone who can identify the music”, but I got rid of it because I figured no one would know what the hell I was talking about. I stand corrected! Nice work!

  6. Beautiful photos and glad you had such a good time in my home state! Can’t wait to read all about your time in Glacier!!

    • Thank you! We really love it up here – Wyoming, Idaho, Montana – all just beautiful, and Glacier, in particular, is stunning! Now I just need to sort through about 800 pictures to figure out what to post. 🙂

  7. Kevin’s video editing was fabulous. I think the next step might be to add some Spielberg or Lucas special effects – blaster shots, lightsabers clashing with geysers, or Yoda hovering across a blowing grassy meadow. Maybe a group of Avengers running down a pristine mountain. Just want to keep setting the bar high enough for your posts. ?? Love the pictures. Yellowstone is incredible and Henry’s Lake looked amazing in its own right. Stay safe.

    • Haha.,.. you know he’s totally gonna do that, right? I definitely got Star Wars vibes just from the title on the geysers video… And you know Kevin loves himself some Avengers, soooo… give him time. 🙂

  8. As I’ve mentioned in the past….I love your posts and writing style. Thank you for taking the time to write, very entertaining!

  9. Even after several visits, Yellowstone never gets old, does it? And of course the phenomenon of idiots not following (reasonable, safety-related) rules never goes away, either. We are so glad you had a chance to check out Missoula and get a feel for the town. Most important, you managed to sample some of the outstanding beer, which is definitely not to be missed in Missoula. Like you, we have made a special effort to patronize businesses that have tried to adapt to the current environment and keep their employees and customers safe. For example, we support the local restaurants here that were the first to implement curbside pickup, even though we personally choose to go at weird hours and pick up our food at times when there are no other customers and I am comfortable going inside to get our takeout. But in your case, sitting outside in Montana’s summer sunshine is no hardship at all and probably made the beer tasting experience even better!

    • We’ve been discussing this issue a lot recently. We’re surprised that more businesses aren’t making a point of advertising what efforts they’re making to adapt to the situation. This particular brewery has a whole page on their website dedicated to it. Other breweries we looked at didn’t say anything. I had to go searching around on Yelp to figure out if they even had any outdoor seating. In the end, we figured we’d go to the place that was making clear they were taking it seriously. While the anti-mask people are very loud and get a lot of attention, polls show the vast majority of Americans are concerned about this virus and want to stay healthy. I would think businesses would be falling all over themselves to advertise their efforts. But, alas… what do I know?? Anyway, the beer was great. The sunshine and breeze made it even better.

  10. Great start to the summer…your beautiful photos of Upper Geyser Basin bring back very nice memories of our trip there last summer. Love the pictures of Thor…what a handsome and fun fella!

    • Thanks! We really enjoyed the Upper Geyser Basin. It offered a bit of everything in a nice, compact area – with plenty of space to spread out. As for Thor, he is a handful at times, but we love him! Hope you guys are doing well!

    • Oh yeah, the videos are just a fun thing he wanted to try, but they take an enormous amount of time and I don’t expect he’ll be doing them very often. I always take an enormous number of photos, so I’ll definitely keep posting them on here. Stay well!

  11. Awww, love that Island Park area and Yellowstone! I’m pretty excited to get to Montana…only 1 more week! Love your crazy Thor dog. We’ve also ventured out to restaurants a few times. Almost all have been outside dining, but we have gone to 2 inside dining. Both places had good social distancing protocols in place and we’re both still alive and kicking, so that’s a good thing.

    • That is definitely a good thing. The alternative would be decidedly bad. 🙂

      You’re going to love Montana and Glacier. The scenery is epic and the hiking is fabulous! And now, we get to see some of the stuff you’ve been seeing in Washington! So funny that we’re reversing each other’s trips this summer. Let’s hope we continue to get good weather and no crazy wildfires. So far, so good this year. Let’s hope it keeps up.

    • Thank you! Yellowstone is just incredible.You could spend months there and never see everything. It’s got so many interesting thermal features, but also beautiful waterfalls, fantastic wildlife, and challenging trails. It’s one of our favorite national parks, which is saying something because they are all fabulous in their own way. I hope you get to explore it at some point.

    • That’s the nice thing about Henrys Lake – you can get away from the mad crush of people in West Yellowstone while still being reasonably close and enjoying a gorgeous state park. Highly recommend it.

    • Yes! We remarked more than once that it was the right decision to leave Texas and head up here. We really weren’t sure at the time we made our plans, but in retrospect, it was the right call. It’s turned into a really nice summer – even if things are a bit weird.

  12. Sounds like you’re making the most of the weirdness that is 2020 summer camping! Love the Henrys Lake photos, now that place is on my list for whenever I get back out west. And yes, the tourists in Yellowstone are nuts 🙁 It reminds me of that saying “this is why we can’t have nice things…” Looking forward to your Glacier report, it’s another on my bucket list.

    • Indeed… so many nice things we can’t have because people are idiots… It is frustrating to say the least. Glacier was awesome and absolutely worth a visit, but it’s good for you to wait until the ‘weirdness’ of this year is over. Only half of the park was open, so we’ll have to go back another time to visit the rest of it. With your small size, you could easily divide your time between a couple of the campgrounds inside the park and really explore it.

    • Thanks, Peta. We feel very fortunate to be able to travel this Summer and see some nice places. So far, we’ve been able to stay ahead of the virus and make the most of a weird time. I hope you guys are staying safe in Mexico!

  13. You are right about Missoula and its summer festivals! We stumbled across the town heading west, one summer, after enjoying free festivals elsewhere. Mark was driving and he asked, “Are there any free concerts today?” I checked online and said “yep”. He continued, “Is there a Walmart in Missoula?” Yep! And so we stopped and had a great evening with free music on the main square and then parked for the night at Walmart. People were indeed very friendly. We didn’t do anything else in that town, unfortunately, but we loved the atmosphere!

    Every time I read your blog and see the stunning photos, I promise myself that whenever we hit the road again in a couple of months, we should commit to longer stays in areas and pay once in a while for camping. It must be much more relaxing than always “having” to boondock and keep moving because half the places are not comfortable for longer than a night.

    Your photos of Yellowstone are stunning. I want to go back. Here’s my theory: There are idiots everywhere. Too many. Really. Looking forward to Glacier – it’s been on my list for a while as well! We had to skip it that same year, due to wildfires.

    • Given your small size, you guys are ideally set up to stay inside the national parks. Even if you don’t have hookups, just knowing where you’re going to stay on a given night, having an established campsite and roads that lead to it, and knowing there is someone in charge at the campground would probably be nice. There are also a lot of national forest campgrounds right outside these big parks. If I were in your position, I would take full advantage of your freedom to stay in these places when going to explore the national parks. We usually can’t fit in them, and we’re not set up for boondocking, so we end up at state parks (which we like) and commercial parks (which, oftentimes, we don’t.) It is something we often wish we could do, but alas, everything in RV life is a trade off.

      And I absolutely agree that longer stays are the way to go. It’s nice to visit the same grocery store more than once and it’s nice to be able to slowly explore places rather than constantly being on the move.

      As for Missoula, I’m glad to hear our impressions weren’t wrong. We’d love to come back during a normal summer. I have no doubt it would be a fun place to hang out.

  14. I’m still conflicted about whether or not I’m glad you didn’t see any bears. Obviously, I’m glad you didn’t get mauled by one, but to not even see one? Better “luck” in the PNW! 😀

    Being able to enjoy a food and beverage outing was indeed special! What a perfect combo you found!

    The pictures of big, open sites have me longing for travel again. Thank you for sharing them — I can feel the fresh air and peacefulness right through the screen.

    • Yeah, we are totally good with not seeing any bears. Lakes and mountains and forests are enough mental stimulation for the time being. We’ve had enough drama the last couple years, thank you very much!

      You guys will be back on the road before you know it and I am sure you will enjoy it more than ever. I can’t lie – it’s nice to be seeing different scenery again.

  15. Congratulations on scoring a perfect spot at Henrys Lake! I love seeing these travel pictures, I’m missing the road, bad. Of all your beautiful photos (and videos) I LOVE the ones of sweet Thor enjoying water in all it’s forms. I’ve never seen a GSD that was as crazy about water and snow as he is! Makes me laugh to see his joy, laughing is good.

    • Thanks, Sue! Thor is the third GSD we’ve had and he is definitely the most excited about water. The others liked it, but he is just a nutter. It’s fun right up until he about pulls you off the side of a mountain because he realizes there’s a lake or creek nearby. Crazy dog. (At least we know we’ll never die of thirst in the desert – if there’s a water source within 5 miles, he’ll find it.)

  16. Memories of beautiful, lush, peaceful places, thanks for bringing it all back to me! The trail sure looked different without the flowers, well with the snow it is Thor who is having a blast this time. And it looked like you have a better site this time. Thanks for the shout out 🙂
    The coolest pic is the one taken of Old Faithful from behind with the wall of water. And Kevin might get a call from Speilberg 🙂
    Too bad you did not hike my “M” trail in Missoula, the view up there is wonderful.

    All photos are gorgeous of areas that gave you much-needed space to breathe fresh air while enjoying the views.

    • Thanks, ML. While we would have loved to see all those wildflowers again, we were just as happy to see Thor thoroughly enjoying himself. When he’s happy, we’re happy. We really liked being on the far side of Old Faithful this time. It was much less crowded with just as nice a view. It’s amazing how many people just go to the big viewing areas and never explore beyond. Oh well, makes it less crowded for us!

    • That is so true. We haven’t really explored the east side at all, and we only spent an afternoon in the south. Not to mention, all the hiking that is available. It is absolutely one of our favorites and I have no doubt we’ll be back at some point to explore more of it.

  17. Definitely going to have to check out Harrys when we get back out west. And I had heard Jim and Mary’s was nice and it certainly looks like it. We do want to check out Missoula. Didn’t get to it when we were in Montana in 2018. Glad you guys were able to get up there and away from that Texas heat! Thor looks like he’s having a blast in that snow!

    • Henrys Lake is worth a stop in and of itself, even without its proximity to Yellowstone, but if you’re looking to visit Yellowstone, it’s truly the perfect place to set up. As for Missoula, we have a lot more of Montana to check out before we can say we’ve really see it. It’s a huge state, but what we’ve seen so far has been beautiful and the people have been very friendly. We’ve really enjoyed our time here. Hope you guys are staying cool too!

  18. Sounds like you’ve got this social distancing thing figured out and are enjoying yourselves. You are bringing back many great memories. We have never been to Henrys Lake but it would be a great place to stop on our way out of Idaho next summer (if we can get back to our planned trip from this year). Your site was a jackpot location…beautiful! I know exactly how Thor felt seeing the snow. I get the same way when we hit snow on a trail. I have to walk through it…haha!! Yellowstone has so many trails to see unknown geysers and hot springs that most people don’t have time to explore. Glad you found a good place to hike while seeing the glory. We enjoyed out stay in Missoula. We stayed at the same psrk after several people recommended it. Such nice people and a sweet park. Looking forward to your Glacier post. LOVE, love that park!! Take care.

    • You are so right about the trails in Yellowstone. For such a busy park, the trails are shockingly empty. Every time we got away from the main viewing areas, we found ourselves alone. It was crazy, but awesome! And yes, if you are able to do a do-over for your summer plans next year, I would absolutely recommend Henrys Lake. It’s a great park… and they even have a couple FHU sites if you can reserve early enough.

  19. What an interesting post — from bears to pandemic-safe brewpubs, complete with those great videos! LOL Thor. I can imagine how much time those take Kevin to edit. I was quite impressed with the music beds: he even made the beat sync with the spurts of the geyser. Well done, Kevin!

    I read the article in your link to that grizzly attack at Henry’s Lake. What was interesting was that the hiker had his bear spray in a chest holster but didn’t have time to pull it out. We have a friend who was a park ranger at Yellowstone. When we visited her there once, she took us on a favorite hike outside the park off the Beartooth Highway. I noticed that she carried her big old spray canister in her hand, finger on the trigger, the ENTIRE hike. Since then, so do I.

    Anyway, I’m glad you were safe and had such a wonderful visit to Henrys Lake and lovely Missoula. Based on your Instagram photos, you are loving Glacier right now, too!

    • Hey!

      I noticed that about the bear spray too, and when we’ve been in areas of serious concern, I will carry it in my hand. Given how fast things can go south, it makes sense to not have to fiddle with a holster or whatever. The Rangers we chatted with at Yellowstone during our first visit there several years ago were REALLY serious about bear spray. They repeatedly asked us if we had it when we asked them for hiking advice. It is definitely an issue there.

      Kevin spent a lot of time on those videos, but once you understand the technology, you can do a lot with it – including matching the image on screen to musical score. It’s a fun project, but I can’t imagine spending that much time editing anything. These Youtubers really do make it a full time job.

      Anyway, Glacier was awesome! We are now in Washington, starting to explore the Cascades…and doing a little rain dance every day. This area is parched and toasty!

  20. Nice, looks like you guys had a great experience, Thanks for sharing those photos of the expansive landscapes. Hope you guys have safe and healthy travels ahead of you.

    • Thanks so much! Traveling this summer has certainly taken some adjustment, but so far, it’s been pretty good. Luckily, there are lots of beautiful places to explore while socially distant. ?

  21. Thanks to your wonderful review of Henrys Lake, we are currently staying here for 2 weeks in site 49. We decided to pull in facing the lake and are loving this spot! Our work days are so much better with a view (and cooler temperatures!) Thanks for inspiring us to stay here!

    • That’s awesome! I’m so glad you guys were able to get a reservation and that it’s lived up to its reputation. The first time we stayed there, we pulled into the site and loved, loved, loved the view! It is definitely the way to do it, especially if you have a motorhome. I hope you guys have a great time!


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