A Loop Through the Yoop

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan contains 29% of the state's land, but is home to just 3% of its population.

Michigan’s Magnificent Mackinac Island

As a general rule, we dislike overly touristy places. The minute we see trinket stores, souvenir stands, and fudge shops (sorry... I mean, "shoppes"), we start looking for alternatives...

The Trouble With Sleeping Around

As countless 20-somethings know, sleep around enough and you're bound to run into some losers.

Niagara Falls: Natural Wonder, Tourist Mecca, Ode to 1989…

After breaking away from the East Coast, we headed for our next bucket list travel item, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

Vermont Revisited and RV Repairs

After spending a month in Connecticut, we headed north to revisit one of our favorite states, Vermont, before returning to Connecticut once more to have some repair work done on our motorhome.

A Month in the Nutmeg State

We spent the entire month of June in Connecticut visiting my family. Connecticut is known as the Nutmeg State. Probably because it drives RVers nuts...

The Trip From Hell…

Our quick, cross country trip from South Dakota to Connecticut went about as well as we expected - which was not well at all.

South Dakota: Presidents, Minutemen, and the Begging Burros of Custer State Park

While, for the most part, our gamble of heading up to South Dakota in early Spring was a huge fail, we did have a couple days where things worked out perfectly.

“There’s a Mouse in my House” and other Colorado Calamities

"Shit!!" "What?!?!" "We've got a mouse." "Seriously?" "Yeah, he just ran under the bed." "Shit."

Santa Fe – Fun Art, Modern Art, and the Kind of Art that Gets...

From churches to art galleries to immersive, interactive experiences, Santa Fe is positively bursting with beautiful, thought provoking, entertaining art and we enjoyed exploring all of it.