20 Fricken 20.

How does one wrap up a year like 2020?

Personally, I tend to think of years in terms of themes or trends, and this year’s theme has been a game called “Calamity Whack-A-Mole.”

No, not like that.

For us, in 2020, we were the mole, ducking and disappearing before popping up elsewhere as various challenges rained down on the country. We bobbed and weaved to avoid everything from campground shutdowns to viral outbreaks to terrible weather to civil unrest.

While we cancelled plans more frequently than ever before, and rerouted multiple times, overall, we recognize we’ve been very fortunate. Really, the west coast wildfires were the only major disaster that impacted us significantly.

That time back in January when I naively thought we would be spending the summer in Alaska.

It’s even weirder because I kind of think I might have brought this whole social distancing nightmare down upon humanity.

And no, I’m not just being dramatic.

Let’s review:

I started 2020 by mercilessly mocking a certain subset of folks who post ridiculous pictures on Instagram. And, importantly, I ended that post by imagining myself standing on top of my RV surrounded by a commune of friendly possums raising a glass of wine and toasting 2020 (If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, you can read the post here.)

In the meantime, in February, in what has since become known as history’s greatest illustration of the saying “Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it,” I actually complained about spending too much time socializing.

That’s right. This schmuck, right here, wrote a post about how, after several months of traveling up and down the East Coast meeting up with friends and family, she could really use a break from all the socializing. In fact, after explaining our plans to rent an Air BnB in Austin for two months, I said we were looking forward to “making like monks” and not talking to anyone for a while.

Seriously. I said that.

In February.

To which, by all indications, the universe responded, “Oh yeah??? I’ll fix your ass, you ungrateful jerk!!”

And then followed through. In epic form.

I am SUCH an asshole.

So, yeah.


Lucking Out During an Unlucky Year

Anyway, speaking of Austin, our visit there was the first of several times this year when we felt we’d lucked out. We were already in the city, moved into our rental, when, without warning, hundreds of other fulltime RVers were evicted from their campgrounds and left scrambling for somewhere safe to go. Not only did campgrounds close down, but many public lands and utilities (fresh water, dump stations, highway rest areas, etc.), and even state and international borders closed, leaving countless nomads desperately searching for some sort of solid ground upon which to land.

We knew we’d dodged a bullet.

Austin has always been good to us and this time was no different. In fact, when our house stay was over, we decided to stick around for another six weeks at a local RV park. We couldn’t do much, but we got a nice space, in a nice park, and we had everything we needed. We were incredibly thankful to have landed where we did when we did.

Eventually, though, the relentless Texas heat chased us north. As we sought out cooler weather and beautiful hiking trails, we traveled through Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon – all of which had relatively low infection numbers during our visits. In fact, until this month – December – we’ve managed to stay in areas that were comparably safe and where people, for the most part, were taking public health measures seriously:

When we were in Oregon: Not bad.

Unfortunately, our luck ran out this month. While our first couple weeks in San Diego were good, the numbers throughout California have now exploded. Most of the state is under some sort of lockdown order, local ICU capacity is at 0%, and we find ourselves in the epicenter of the current surge.

Now that we are in SoCal: Not good.

And that leads me back to my January Instagram post.

Ricky and Rhonda

Remember how that post ended with me imagining myself standing on top of our motorhome with a bunch of possums? Well, funny story…

About two weeks into our visit to San Diego, Kevin goes outside one day and notices a bunch of paw prints on the table he uses for his grill. The following day, I pick up Thor’s outside water bowl to change out the water, and I find it’s full of dirt. We assume a stray cat or some other animal has been wandering onto our patio in the middle of the night making a mess of things.

No big deal.

The following night, right around midnight, we hear squeaking noises outside, and Thor starts getting really agitated. Kevin and I look at each other, completely perplexed. There are plenty of other dogs in the campground, so it’s not unusual to hear squeaky toys, but at midnight? Not so much. Plus, the sound seems to be coming from somewhere really close, and none of our immediate neighbors have dogs.

I say, “You know, we left Wubba outside on the patio.”

If you’re unfamiliar, a Wubba is a particular dog toy that looks like this:

Thor loves them and has had many different versions. Small Wubbas, large Wubbas, and, in the case of the one on the patio that night, extra large Wubbas.

Thor with his small Wubba. He’s got his large Wubba in the picture with Kevin above.

Was our visitor the previous nights a stray dog rather than a cat? Was it a cat who liked squeaky toys? Was there some weirdo sitting on our picnic table playing with Wubba? (Unlikely, but it’s 2020. Anything is possible.)

Kevin goes outside to check things out and, again, from inside the RV, I hear squeaking.

Thor proceeds to lose it completely. Barking, whining, running from the back of the motorhome to the front door, over and over again.

Kevin comes in laughing. He says our visitor is not a dog or a cat or a weirdo, but rather a raccoon.

Kevin says he found the raccoon (who we’ll call “Ricky”) hanging out behind our RV in the grass. Unfortunately, however, Kevin doesn’t see Wubba. Perhaps Ricky has carried Wubba onto one of our neighbor’s sites? He doesn’t know and he’s not about to start poking around other people’s property in the middle of the night.

Just then, we hear ‘squeak, squeak, squeak’

“What the hell???”

So, Kevin turns around, opens the door, and heads outside again. This time, Thor and I hear a ton of squeaking. “Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak!!!”

Poor Thor is apoplectic.

Kevin comes back in. “We have a slight problem.”

Turns out, in addition to Ricky standing behind our RV, there’s another raccoon (we’ll call her “Rhonda”) hanging out in the undercarriage of our motorhome, and Rhonda has stolen Thor’s Extra Large Wubba off our patio and – somehow – brought it up into the undercarriage with her. She’s now sitting on top of our gigantic gas tank (which is suspended from large brackets) having a FABULOUS time playing with Wubba.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, SQUEAK!!!!”

You have got to be kidding me.

Given that the gas tank is basically under our bed, and our dog is having a veritable stroke every time he hears his toy squeak, we quickly conclude it’s gonna be a long night if Rhonda keeps this up.

So, back outside we go. Kevin hands me a flashlight with instructions to keep an eye on Ricky while he investigates the Rhonda situation (What I was supposed to do if Ricky decided to go out in a blaze of glory, I have no idea, but, fortunately, it didn’t come to that…)

After crawling under the rig, Kevin tells me he can’t get a really good look at Rhonda (or he could, but not without possibly coming face to face with a ticked off rodent), but he hears chittering, and he’s wondering if Rhonda may have babies up there with her.

No, seriously. You have GOT to be kidding me.

Off to the Google: “How to get rid of raccoons”

Answer: (Among many options that we didn’t have on hand at 1:00 a.m. on a weeknight in the middle of a freaken pandemic), Peppermint oil!

And why do we have peppermint oil on hand? Because in 2018, another banner year, a mouse decided to move in with us and we learned that peppermint oil was an effective deterrent.

So, I dig out the peppermint oil, we douse some cotton balls with it, and go back outside to try to strategically launch them into the undercarriage of our house.

And that’s when I noticed the connection to the Instagram post.

Specifically, I had started 2020 imagining myself standing on top of our motorhome, communing with a bunch of friendly possums, while we toasted the beginning of the year, and I would end 2020 crawling around on the filthy pavement beneath our motorhome at 1:00 in the morning, trying to lob peppermint grenades onto an 80 gallon gas tank in an effort to to evict a bunch of trespassing raccoons.

Could there be a better metaphor for the crushed expectations and disappointing realities of 2020?

Anyway, sure enough, between the commotion, the light, and the overwhelming smell of Eau-de-Christmas, Ricky and Rhonda made tracks and headed off into the night.


Unless they left a pile of baby raccoons up there.

Whatever. We were too tired to worry about it at that point.

The next morning, Kevin crawled under the RV again and found zero tiny raccoons. Good news!

Bad news: Rhonda, the little klepto, had also been quite rude. She’d abandoned Wubba at the far back corner of the gas tank, and there was no way for us to get to him. Between the size of the tank, and the various accoutrements of a giant, complex motorhome, Wubba was impossible to reach.

Kevin trying to figure out how to rescue Wubba.

This has left us two options:

Option 1: Try to find or fashion some sort of device to grab Wubba.

Option 2: Ignore the problem and hope like hell Wubba doesn’t get flung out onto the highway.

“Sergeant: How did the accident happen, officer?”

“Officer: A 90 mile per hour Wubba to the windshield, Sir.”

“Sergeant: I see.”

Looks like we’re gonna have to find a way to get Wubba out of there before we hit the road again.

Thanks a bunch, Rhonda.


I would typically try to say something thoughtful and hopeful about the upcoming year and maybe toss around some plans, but last time I opened my big dumb mouth, I wrecked the world and, honestly, we have no plans because we have no idea what we’re doing and I’ve just given up on trying to figure it out. So, I’m just gonna say nothing, other than Peace Out, 2020…

…and it’s nice to see you, 2021.

Happy New Year, everyone! See you on the other side.


  1. I suppose every camper has a raccoon story, and your’s is up there on top! My story, I was sitting in a Florida campground on my truck tailgate eating a sandwich and a group of big/medium/little raccoon show up and watch me eat my sandwich from the perimeter of my site. They gradually move in, and I gradually reach over to get my heavy-duty long flashlight, about a foot long and about 5 pounds. The most obnoxious raccoon stands up to balance him/herself by placing a front paw on my knee (so it could snatch my sandwich), and I whopped it good on the head with my flashlight. They scurried, and my nextdoor site camper, a little kid, began throwing rocks at the departing crowd of raccoons. He had quite a stockpile of rocks at his site!! He said he’d been throwing rocks at raccoons for a few days . . .

    • LOL, it’s funny. Just yesterday, I happened to notice a bulletin board near the front of our campground where the management posts notices. There was a big sign on it saying “Don’t feed the raccoons.” Apparently, it’s quite an issue here. I would think they would put some sort of repellant around the campground, but I guess they’re afraid of messing with the environment, especially since we’re right near the water. In any case, sounds like raccoons helping themselves to campers’ stuff isn’t a rarity. Personally, I find them equal parts cute and obnoxious. Glad you were able to keep them away from your sandwich!!

  2. Soon 2020 will be in hindsight! You are a gifted writer and such a joy! I giggled when I reread the selected posts in reference to the 2020 year. Thor, sprawled out, in comparison – I lost it laughing. Looking forward to celebrating the New Year 2021.

    • Thank you so much, Jana! It would be great if, among so many things we’re hopeful for, we could cross paths with you guys again in 2021. Would love to sit down and catch up. Happy New Year to you both. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

  3. Thank you for the laughs! It is a great way to end 2020. I love all of your stories. You are a gifted writer. I hope you get to Alaska in 2021. I know you had a wonderful trip planned for 2020.

    • Thanks, Kelly! Alaska remains high on our RV bucket list. Once I started really looking into it, I became slightly obsessed. It really is like nowhere else and offers so much in good terms (activities, wildlife, landscapes) and challenges (weather, roads, services). We’re really looking forward to getting there, whenever it happens. Happy New Year to you both. I hope you’ve got some big travel plans in the works as well.

  4. LOL!! Thanks so much for the laughs. Lots of jiggling for all of us last spring. Yep, we’ll be glad to see 2020 in the rearview mirror, it’s been an interesting one, to say the least. Have a safe, healthy New Year!!

    • Yes, that Jello metaphor popped in my head quite a few times last spring – though, often it felt more like someone took a sledgehammer to the bowl of Jello. 🙂 Hopefully things will be a bit less dramatic in 2021. Happy New Year!

  5. Bahaha! Yesss, the raccoon blog! Except now you have me concerned about asking for anything – like what is the universe going to manifest now because I wanted a post about raccoons?!? ? Hopefully I don’t have your powers of destruction.

    • LOL. I hope it was everything you hoped for! As for either of our powers of destruction, let’s hope they just give it a rest in 2021. I think everyone could use a break at this point.

  6. It was YOU?! I just…I can’t…YOU?!

    I hope the raccoons stay away, but since you caused the pandemic, it doesn’t look good for you. Rhonda is going to want to come see if Wubba is where she left it. Better order some long-handled tongs now.

    I hate to pin all my troubles on the past year or all my hopes on the next one, so I will just say thanks for the continued laughs, the late-night texting distractions, and here’s to a very Happy New Year!

    • I know, I know. I’m the worst! I’m really sorry, if that counts for anything. Which it probably doesn’t…

      Anyway, I, too, am hoping we’re all not relying a bit too much on the turn of a calendar to make things better, but I will take hope where I can find it. On that note, I hope you guys have a Happy New Year too and we can all hang out for real sometime soon!

  7. Wow, you guys just seem to attract the local pet population, sounds like you need to build a wall of peppermint to remind them to respect your borders….Hope you guys stay safe and healthy as we move to 2021. We are do for our paths to cross at some point, sharing stories over local BBQ.

    • LOL. You have a point. It’s like “Wild Kingdom on Wheels” around here. 🙂 Maybe I can convince Costco to start stocking Costco sized containers of Peppermint oil?? Something to think about…

      Anyway, Happy New Year to you too! Hopefully we’ll see you once we’re back on the East Coast (this summer if all goes well).

  8. Ha! It WAS you! Remember all the times you would travel and some calamity would happen at the same time? The concord crashed, there was a natural disaster, etc?? Yup. Blaming this on you!! ???

    • Oooh yeah, I did have quite a run there for a couple years, huh? Hopefully, the universe has sufficiently exacted its revenge for my transgressions this time that there will be peace going forward. Fingers crossed, anyway!

  9. Laura, Laura, Laura…Since you brought on the pandemic, I think you deserve having raccoons! Just don’t bring anything else terrible on for 2021! Got it? hahah! Take care and have happy times there in sunny SD.

    • I Know, I know! I swear, I have been on my BEST behavior ever since! No complaining and no whining. I write #blessed after every sentence and keep my mouth shut the rest of the time. Promise!!!! 🙂

      Happy New Year!

  10. What a great way to sum up 2020. We too had lots of plans, including a trip to Alaska, that had to be changed and then cancelled. I was
    afraid to start making too many plans again or, you know, it might bring on more trouble. At least now I know 2020 was your fault and not mine for having too many plans all laid out perfectly! lol Here’s hoping 2021 is better for all of us–safe travels.

    • There were a whole lots of us with Alaska in our sights this year. Certainly a disappointing time and I feel for the businesses there who undoubtedly had a really tough year. Hopefully we can all flood them with business over the next couple seasons. There’s gonna be a LOT of demand once everyone gets the green light to travel again. Happy New Year!!

  11. Our racon story was in a county park in Florida also. This park is overrun with the no longer so cute critters. An Eagle Scout project has installed weighted lids over every trash can to keep them out. I was getting some stuff from a storage bay and as I finished I used my key to lock the bay. When I got to the coach the key ring was gone! We searched high and low and in between, the keys have never turned up now 7 years later! The only possibility seems to be that I dropped the keyring on the ground and the racoons made off with it while I was looking inside. The ranger agreed with this since he said they have other stories of the critter making off with shiny objects.

    • Maybe the raccoons just wanted to live the RV life? Hit the road… see the sights… you know? It’s the American dream!! 🙂

      They certainly are a mix of very cute and very irritating, that’s for sure! Kevin refers to them as ‘trash pandas” which I think is a pretty appropriate moniker. Anyway, glad they didn’t run off with your actual keys. You might still be stuck in that park!

      Happy New Year!!

  12. So…..it WAS you then. We all wondered but were too polite to actually say it out loud. Perhaps Rhonda was Karma with a bushy tail and a sense of humor and you’ve been properly chastised. Enough said……

    Oh, and Happy (and a better) New Year to you three.

    • Haha. I’m not sure how anyone could come to any other conclusion. The evidence is pretty clear that I am the worst. 🙂

      Happy New Year to you guys too! We are cautiously optimistic that things will really start looking up soon. Until then, I’ll just sit here quietly and keep my thoughts to myself. 🙂

  13. Laura, I have to confess I may share in some of the blame. After retiring on Feb 1, I actually told my pastor out in the Blue Ridge that I wanted to get involved in the community and (kinda) jokingly said, “Ideally, I’d like a break from all human contact for about 6 months!” Hahahahaha. I’m volunteering at a cat shelter and love it! Yes, I too am such an ass.

    • Ha! Well, I’m glad it’s not just me! Actually, from these comments, it sounds like a lot of folks were ready for a break from humanity at the beginning of 2020. Little did we know….

      Volunteering at a cat shelter sounds awesome! I looked into working at the local animal shelter here since we’re not doing much else, but unfortunately, they’re not bringing on new volunteers at the moment (because of covid). Makes sense, but sucks. Snuggling with animals sounds like just the ticket to get through this terrible period.

      Hope you and Irv have a very happy and healthy New Year!

  14. After some of the really terrible challenges you’ve experienced on the road, I have to say that you two deserved some of the pretty good luck you had this year. You had the chance to visit some great locations with relatively small crowds and good weather! Although I do appreciate that having a constant sense of impending doom — that other shoe WILL drop eventually — is no picnic and makes it hard to enjoy the moment.

    I, for one, am reassured that you have learned from your mistakes and chosen not to make any pronouncements about 2021. We could all use a break.

    • Yeah, that’s exactly right. We knew we were lucky for much of the year and were just waiting for everything to go to hell…and it eventually did. Hopefully, the opposite holds true now. Everyone has been kicked around long enough that there’s nowhere to go but up and things just have to improve. I hope so anyway. In the meantime, I am shutting my face and saying nothing. Happy New Year to you both!!

  15. Well, this is a HUGE relief. Because back in March I was afraid I had caused the pandemic by wishing for some peaceful downtime after a year of navigating the insanity of caring for my elderly folks. So I’ll share the blame with you and all others who were wishing for a break. What do you say we all agree to be more careful about what we wish for in the future? ?

    I was just looking back through photos and reminiscing about last New Year’s Eve in St. Augustine when we were enjoying a fun evening and delicious dinner with you and Kevin. And Thor was busily fleaing us, LOL. Sigh. Those were very good times. Your goodbye salute to the terrible bad awful nightmare of 2020 is perfect. Here’s to a much better 2021, in every way.

    • I think if this year has been good for anything, it’s reminding us all to never take any of this stuff for granted – travel, friends, weird dog habits. The last several Christmas/New Years periods we were surrounded by friends and family and could never have imagined how crazy things would get. Who could? What a nutty year. But, I am hopeful that things will look up soon, and before we know it, this will all be in the rearview mirror. In the meantime, we’ve all certainly gained a whole new appreciation for all the things we took for granted before. I wish you and Eric all the best in 2021.

  16. I was curious about what brought the complete lockdown to San Diego. I certainly do not hold you personally responsible, but you do offer some good evidence. As always in a fun narrative.
    No raccoon story to share, we have possums and they’re pretty quiet.

    • Haha. Yeah, I was hoping you wouldn’t notice that it was just about the minute we got here that everything went straight down the toilet. Whoops! Apologies again! I’ll never regret a moment of this sunshine though, I’ll tell you that! It’s serious winter therapy. Happy New Year!

  17. We have never had a raccoon problem which is surprising because there are a lot of them in the park where we spend our summers … but fear not we do have peppermint oil on hand if it ever happens. In fact Maxx is adorn in peppermint oil cotton swaps for the winter to keep the mice away 🙂

    Thank you for taking responsibility for 2020, now that you have stepped up to the plate I’m hoping 2021 will be better … just don’t change your mind and make any predictions!

    Happy New Year to you both, we really hope our paths cross in 2021.

    • I’m gonna buy stock in whatever company makes Peppermint oil. That stuff is magic! It sure is a weird thing to smell in your house though – especially in the spring and summer. A Very weird disconnect.

      Anyway, I hope this confession of my sins mollifies whomever I’ve pissed off in the universe. “I take full responsibility! Now, please, stop being a jerk to my friends….”

      Anyway, Happy New Year to you too. Our paths will cross at some point, I’m sure. Looking forward to it!

  18. We woke to a “R” family looking in our sliding glass doors in the Colorado mountains one evening. Fortunately, the bear situation kept them from returning. Here is hoping for 2021.

  19. That sure is a funny twist to this interesting year. I’ve felt all along that 2020 just wanted to prove a point. In many ways. Some of which to shake people up, rid them of their entitlement, and make them enjoy and appreciate the small things again. Of course, 2020 had a decent portion of sarcasm to distribute as well.

    Good to see you in shorts in San Diego. But, I had no idea the Covid situation was this bad there. Loved reading the raccoon story, despite a slight similarity here. Two nights ago, we stayed awake all night, because we heard a scratching and gnawing sound in the undercarriage of our camper van! After hours of listening and lying under the van, Mark saw the nose of a mouse around midnight and googled “how to get rid of mice.” Peppermint spray! It has been ordered from Amazon and should arrive at a locker in Yuma, Arizona shortly…

    I feel the same as you about making plans for 2021 or being positive and reflective. Not!

    • The peppermint oil is seriously key! The only thing is, it wears off after a couple days, so you do need to reapply it. But if it’s there, the critters really don’t want to be near it. We also bought a bright light and placed it underneath the motorhome. That’s why a lot of RVers put Christmas lights under their rig – it keeps small animals away. Obviously, it depends where you are, but if you have a real issue, you might want to try that as well.

      Here’s hoping for all good news in 2021. Stay well!

  20. We have the exact same model Tiffin. We have squirrels that have moved into the space between the end cap and RV wall. There is a large piece of foam they like to chew on. We’ve done everything. We setup a trap and caught two. We then bought a motion sensor sound machine. It’s for entry into businesses. It basically greets them with music and “Hello Welcome”. It does scare them away.

    We too full time in our Tiffin. In San Antonio for the holiday season.

    • That is funny in an “Ugh” kind of way. Some good friends of ours ALSO had a 36LA and ALSO had a rodent problem in that endcap. They had mice come up through there and wreak complete havoc for days. I never realized squirrels would want to come in though! That is crazy. I sure hope Tiffin redesigns that cap because it’s a real issue. Your solution is hilarious though. “When I say “hello welcome” what I really mean is “Please get the hell out of my RV. Thanks!” Hahaha!

      San Antonio is a great place this time of year. Lots of interesting stuff to see and do. Hope you enjoy it and hope you have a happy New Year!

  21. If only Thor could talk, he could have saved you a lot of time with that raccoon situation. I wonder if the female was feeling maternal toward the the Wubba, trying to kill it, or just amused by it. She definitely stashed it for future Wubba time. Almost everyone in San Diego has had a raccoon and or possum home invasion. Those aren’t as bad as the roof rats which are the size of chihuahuas. San Diego has such an abundance of food growing everywhere that supports urban wildlife, it’s impossible to keep the critters under control. In the winter they get cold and hang out around the furnace vents.

    Great post. Very funny stuff! You should write the musical comedy. Seriously. This lifestyle is full of rich material.

    We really need to check out Austin.

    Happy New Year!


    • I had no idea there were so many animals in this town! Now that I am actually paying attention, I notice the “don’t feed the raccoons” signs around the campground, and you’re the second person to mention the possum issue. Who knew? I was just making that part up, but I guess they really are an issue. Anyway, with our large supply of peppermint oil and an incredibly bright light now set up under the rig, hopefully we’ll be ok from here on out. Fingers crossed.

      As for Austin, I have no doubt you two would love it. Great food, tasty beer, tons of music, beautiful public green space, etc. Once this debacle is over, put it on the list!

  22. OMG this post is hilarious!!!! Definitely a case of “be careful what you wish for!” Too funny all of it ~ the beginning the ending and everything in the middle… ie the Wubba and the raccoon story. Maybe not so funny at the time but certainly made for a great blog post!

    P.s. please resign up to our blog as we have a new url and it seems to have dropped all out followers!


    • Thanks, Peta. This life seems to provide an endless supply of funny stories, that’s for sure. And this past year taught so many lessons… many, the hard way.

      Will head over and follow again. Technology is the best…except when it’s the worst. 🙂

      Happy New Year to you both!

  23. You make me laugh so much. Love, this, Laura. But please, shut up now. See, you ended this post by saying, “It’s nice to see you, 2021.” And then yesterday happened. What is any rational person to conclude from this except that yes, it was all your fault and still is?

    No — kidding! kidding! Regardless of your powers to influence the course of history, please don’t ever shut up.

    heart heart,

    • LOL. I know, right? I kinda want to turn off the lights, pull down the shades, and hide under the covers until calm is restored. I promise, if there was something I could say or do to put the psychopathic crazed genie back in the bottle, I would. In the meantime, I will just sit here, very, very quietly, and keep my thoughts to myself. 🙂

  24. I’m glad to know I have someone to actually blame for 2020! All this time I thought it was just Mother Nature exacting a bit of revenge. I can only imagine Thor going crazy when he heard his precious Wubba! At least Rhonda didn’t leave you with any pint size pets.

    • You are right about that! While Rhonda was far too large to find her way up into our actual motorhome, I would have been extremely worried about small raccoons getting in. There are definitely openings and I shudder at the thought of having to get them out. Really, all things considered, it went about as well as it could have.

  25. What I can’t believe is that at some point early in 2020, Kevin didn’t put his hand over your mouth and shush you. Maybe it’s all his fault. On the bright side of things, I’m really enjoying the mask requirement. ..it’s a much better look for me, and no one really knows when I’m mumbling to myself…

    You’ll have to update on the Wubba. Poor sweet Thor!

    • Kevin puts his hand over my mouth to shush me at least 12 times a day. How do you think this marriage has lasted so long?? 🙂

      And yeah, at least the mask requirement means no one is telling either of us we should smile more. (insert eyeroll). I hadn’t really thought about the muttering, but that really is an added benefit!

      Thor told me to tell you to tell Ziggy “Heyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!”


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