I can’t remember anything. Ever. At all. Big things, little things, conversations, names, faces, events… all of it disappears quickly. If I didn’t know better, I’d worry I have early-onset Alzheimers or some such thing, but in my case, the onset would have been when I was about 6 years old, so I’m pretty sure it’s just my internal wiring. Which is unfortunate, but there’s not much I can do. Through the years, I’ve just relied on various tricks to help me get through life, which brings me to my cell phone.

Over time, my cell phone has become my memory. Thank god for this blog because at least it gives me some excuse for the extraordinary number of photos on my phone, but still, looking through them at any given point raises questions. I take pictures of some weird stuff: things I see, places we go, but also screen caps of news events, reminders of various errands I need to run, and funny memes. Then, there’s the truly random stuff, like the featured picture above – a photo I took at the grocery store of what appears to be watermelon grown on the fertile soil at Three Mile Island.

Now that I’m more than three months behind on this blog, I’m relying on my phone pics more than ever to help me remember what we’ve been up to. It helps and hurts that these three months cover the period of time in which everyone was living an endless Groundhog Day, but it also means my pictures are even weirder than normal.

From anguish at the grocery store:

Empty grocery store shelves

to exuberance at the grocery store:

Pallets of paper goods at the grocery store

Of course, not all of my pictures are weird. Once we got to our Air BnB in Austin, there were the usual things to take note of…

The dog…

The dog….

The husband and the dog…


Just kidding. It was the dog…

But then I run into pictures that make me think: “Oh right… Texas.

Pick up truck with ladder attached to back

And pictures showing that our seemingly normal neighborhood:

…was not completely normal.

For example, there was a house a couple blocks from ours with this mailbox:

What would Mister Rogers say about this??

Of course, in the other direction, there was a whole different level of hostility.

As I was wandering the neighborhoods with Thor one day, I looked up ahead of me and saw something hanging from a tree. That’s never a good sign. As I got closer, the sense of foreboding only got worse. Soon, I was looking at this:

For a split second, I thought “Maybe it’s a Halloween decoration?”

But it was March.

Then, I looked closer and I saw there was a stake through the doll’s head, so I wondered if it might be a reference to a show or movie about zombies. We’re a little out of the loop on the pop culture references lately, so maybe it was just something I hadn’t heard of yet?

Then, I walked to the other side and saw this:

So, is this just a threat?

I guess it makes sense. Why go with a boring “No Trespassing” sign when you can threaten passersby with a bloody-stake-through-the-brain style hanging?

Cool, cool….

Even weirder, just down the street from creepy noose guy, was this house complete with random mannequin legs in a tree.

And another mannequin leg peeking out of the left side of the front porch.

Alright everybody, say it with me: “What the hell???”

I have no idea, but next time someone asks why we want to live on the West Coast when Texas is so much cheaper, I’m showing them these pictures.

Passing Time During the Pandemic

While we had one solid week of normalcy, the vast majority of our time in Austin was consumed by the pandemic – which made me really identify with this tweet:


I spent too much time online reading about it and taking screen caps of the things that made me laugh….and I am easily amused, so there were plenty of them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course, I saw plenty of other things I identified with perhaps a bit too much…

Every blessed day…

In the meantime, we took part in Pandemic-appropriate activities – including breadmaking:

Loaf of fresh bread


Cake batter

and Kevin started a meth lab.

Items for Kefir water

Ok, it wasn’t a meth lab, but he started brewing Kefir water.

“What the hell is Kefir water?” Think of it like a flavored seltzer or homemade soda. You take these grains, dump them in water, feed them sugar, they fart out carbon dioxide, and then you add fruit or fruit juice which causes more farting and more carbonation.

Apple, blueberry, ginger kefir water

(There’s probably a more appealing way to describe all that, but I write about travel not food. So… Sorry.)

Anyway, like many of Kevin projects, this one started off small and then continued to grow to the point you’d almost forget that we live in a motorhome.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Additional projects that take up space but made sense, included Kevin changing the oil and lubing the chassis for the RV. We typically bring Barney in for servicing, but given the complexities of dealing with the pandemic, he just decided to get the stuff and do it himself. He found some good tools and youtube videos, so if you have any interest, I listed them on our Favorite Things page (under the “RV Maintenance” section).

Motorhome oil change supplies

Stay or Go

During the course of our time in Austin, we wondered over and over what we should do going forward. When I wrote about this last, it was early on in the crisis and we felt it best to stay in Austin as long as possible, even though we didn’t know anyone locally. We’d considered extending our stay in the Air BnB, but couldn’t justify the cost, so we figured we’d move back into the RV, set up in a monthly site at a local campground, and stay put. I mentioned in that post that one of our concerns was the Summer heat in Texas, but we figured we’d take things as they came.

Well, turns out, that concern was well justified:

Forecast showing 101 degree temperature

So, what to do?

Way back before the world went sideways, our plan had been to spend this Summer up in Alaska and then make our way to San Diego where we would try out settled living in an apartment of some sort. Six months ago, we were burned out on RV life and thinking we might be ready to move onto something else.

So, one option was to head directly to San Diego from Austin and try to find an apartment rental, but once we started looking, we realized that would be a bad idea. San Diego is extremely expensive and in the middle of all this craziness, we didn’t want to commit ourselves to a huge new expense – especially when we wouldn’t be able to take advantage of all the things the city has to offer.

Next, we considered renting an apartment elsewhere – some other city where we might be able to find a deal – but, nothing was really grabbing us and each option we looked at had a glaring problem.

The more we talked about what to do, the less certain we were. There’s just so much unknown at this point. The virus, the upcoming election, the social climate, the economy, healthcare… all of it: unknown and unknowable for the foreseeable future. Between now and the end of the year, anything can – and probably will – happen. 2020 has been nothing if not eventful. We realized we just don’t know enough to make an informed decision about our future. The obvious answer, therefore, was to just keep doing what we’ve been doing until we have more clarity.

So, with all that in mind, we moved back into Barney on May 1 and set up in our new monthly site at La Hacienda RV Resort in the northwest section of the city. It turned out to be a great decision. The campground itself is really pretty nice – good spacing between sites, solid amenities, convenient location, and reasonably close to the city. Even better, for the vast majority of our six week visit, we had no neighbors on either side.

No neighbors and a nice, big shade tree.

Life was really pretty good there…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But, as Spring turned to Summer, we knew we weren’t going to be able to stay. It would be one thing if we could do indoor stuff, but with our concerns about this virus, most indoor, air-conditioned things are off limits. We’re not going to restaurants or concert venues or museums or historic sites. We’re keeping to ourselves and trying to spend time outdoors – which is a lot harder to do when it’s 100 degrees with 75% humidity.

Bottom line, if we stayed in Austin, we were going to spend the following three months climbing the walls in a hot tin can.

…Kevin’s Amazon purchase notwithstanding.

So, where to go and what to do? The obvious answer was to go somewhere cool where we could hike. Hiking is about the safest thing we can do, it’s easy to keep to ourselves, and with some good scenery, we’ll be properly motivated to stay active.

For the various places we’ll be staying this summer, I’ve been monitoring local news to make sure visitors are still welcome. We don’t want to go anywhere where we’re not wanted – though, it’s likely opinions will vary depending on whom you ask, and our Florida license plates may earn us some side-eye (Thanks, Florida.) Undeserved contempt notwithstanding, our intention is to be responsible visitors, comply with local directives, and not create any additional burdens for anyone else.

I was able to snag a lengthy reservation near Yellowstone, after which we’ll set up for a month at a commercial campground near Glacier National Park. Beyond that, I’ve got some loose plans and reservations, but we’re expecting those may change depending on the state of things.


So, there you have it. Three months of weirdness wrapped up in one post. In real time, we’re enjoying cooler temps, fewer people, and lots of natural beauty in Idaho. Assuming all goes well, which it probably won’t because this is 2020, I’ll update again soon.

Stay well. And…

…wear a mask!


Where we stayed:

La Hacienda RV Resort, Austin, Texas

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  1. Ha! The pictures are a riot! Crazy times, indeed. Stay safe!! Glad you are headed to cooler and hopefully safer areas. Miss you. Missing Alaska this summer really sucks 🙁

    • Miss you guys too! We’ll meet up in Alaska eventually. Who knows? It might be our only choice if all these other countries refuse to let Americans in. 🙁

  2. Thanks for a funny post for all us travelers who can totally relate! And since I lived in Texas for 28 years (and escaped their long hot summers by traveling the last 8 yrs) I can also totally relate to your culture surprises in Texas in addition to feeling like an AC-dependent indoor prisoner from May to October.

    • We really do enjoy Austin, but man, it is hard to deal with that kind of unrelenting heat after a while. We would still consider it a long term landing spot some day, but in the RV with everything else being off limits, it’s just not realistic. Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Glad to hear you’re in a beautiful part of the country with agreeable temps and plenty of hiking trails. That heat gets old real quick … speaking from experience. Hope you have a great summer!

    • Haha. I know you know exactly what we were dealing with. And, over a certain temperature, I don’t think it matters if it’s a “dry heat” or a “humid heat,” it’s all just miserable.

      Glad we all escaped to more comfortable temperatures!

  4. Okay the pictures from your walk in the neighborhood are just a tad creepy! Glad you were able get reservations near Yellowstone and Glacier! And for lengthy stays. Stay safe and cool!

    • Thanks. Part of our plan for the Summer is to try to stay in places as long as possible. We don’t want to be moving around unnecessarily and, if we have to cancel our plans – or if our plans get canceled for us – we don’t want to have undo lots of reservations. We just want to keep things as simple as possible. So I was happy to grab some lengthy reservations. I know you are loving your new cool temps too! Enjoy!

    • It’s more the “appeal of flexibility” has overridden everything else at the moment. Right now, we can go anywhere that makes sense and change our minds on a whim. Until things settle down (probably next year), I think we just want to keep our options open.

  5. I really wish you had gone over the proper pronunciation of “kefir.” I know people think I’m saying it wrong all the time, so we need to band together and educate the masses! I also was waiting for the tale of the exploding kefir, but you must’ve forgotten. ☺️

    I’m glad you got out of the heat to someplace so scenic and with space to move around. Nevermind those big brown fuzzy critters. It’s 2020, what else could possibly go askew?

    Thanks for the laughs, keep laughing, keep sharing the giggles, stay safe!

    • Ruh Roh…. I think you may be displeased with our pronunciation!! You know, I thought it was “Kuh-Fear” but Kevin always said “Kee-fer” and I eventually switched to his pronunciation, so now we’re both doomed. Dammit.

      I also had the exploding kefir story in there originally, but took it out for space. It is a funny story though… especially since you totally said that was going to happen before it even happened.

      The whole Grizzlie bear thing really does take on new meaning in a year like this. Like, if there was ever a time we would DEFINITELY get mauled by a bear, it would be 2020. 🙂 Wish us luck!!

  6. Ha! I wondered if your rental was on the north or south side of Austin. I guessed south and the pictures from your walk confirmed it. Gotta keep Austin weird, right? Sorry we didn’t get to meet up while you were there, damn Corona. I’m glad you found a great place to land for the summer. You will enjoy having several weeks to explore Yellowstone. We spent the last two summers working in the Grand Tetons and even with that length of time we felt like we barely scratched the surface of those two awesome parks. My favorite meme was “the year 2020 brought to you by the letters w, t and f”. No shit! All I can say is there better be a change in leadership come November. Kefir water, hmmm. Have fun in the cool mountain air!

    • Hey! I just found this comment in my spam filters. Sorry I didn’t realize it was there.

      Yes! We were in South Austin. It would have been a great location if we’d actually been able to take advantage of it. The nice thing is, we know we’ll be back. We really do love that city. If you’re still there when we return, we should meet up. Otherwise, perhaps on the road?

      As for Yellowstone and GTNP, I completely agree. They are both incredible and I could see spending many months exploring them. The diversity of landscapes and wildlife is just stunning. And you can’t beat the summer weather…

      Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well and staying safe. And yes – as for November, we are – literally – counting down the days.

      Stay well!

  7. I can SO relate to all of this. I hit Florida end of Feb to fix/sell the Outback, buy a Honda Ridgeline as the new tow vehicle, and be back on the road by mid April. Hahahahahahahahaha. I’m still in Florida. It’s even hotter and more humid. Airbnb is up mid-July and then I’m heading for the Blue Ridge and cooler temps. Of all the things I worried about when I was thinking of and then doing my first year of full-timing, being in a PANDEMIC didn’t even come up. And yet, here we are! Hang in there, enjoy the nature and coolness up there.

    • LOL. Yeah, “pandemic preparedness planning” was not in a single RV guidebook, Youtube series, or blog post. Who could have possibly imagined this year would go this way?? I’m glad you got yourself an Air BnB, as I’m sure it’s much more comfortable in the summer heat than your trailer, but I’m also sure you’re more than ready to get back to your real home and head out again. The Blue Ridge Mountains will be perfect in July!

  8. Ok…a few things. That neighborhood you were in is a bit wacko. The Kefir water thing…is it alcoholic? If not, it sure is taking up a lot of room in the RV. Kevin could be brewing beer! I’m glad to hear you are going to Yellowstone. We were there last year and absolutely loved it. Beware, it’s a lot of driving. On the very plus side, no tour buses! Yay! Score! We’ll be in Glacier in August if all goes well. Take care out there! I love the mask sign.

    • So, generally Kefir water is not alcoholic, but if you ferment it for longer, it can get up to about 3%, so not nothing, but also not a replacement for beer. He has used the kefir water as a mixer – which isn’t bad – though some flavors work better than others. I’m not sure why he hasn’t tried brewing beer yet. Let’s not give him any ideas….

      Yellowstone is awesome! We visited in 2018 and loved it, but yeah, it’s a LOT of driving. We’ll probably go see Old Faithful just because it’s cool and then try to check out another less popular spot. Otherwise, we’ll try to find dog-friendly trails outside the park, so we can take Thor with us. That is a huge downside of the national parks. 🙁

      We’ll have to compare notes on Glacier. We might overlap. I’ll drop you guys an email with our specifics.

    • Yes! I seem to have been calling around right after a lot of people canceled their plans, and before everyone else decided it was going to be the “summer of the RV” and started booking everything up. 🙂

  9. Thanks for the update…love your sense of humor ????????????????. Loose you our plans are in flux…left Fl for Midwest family visit but then what?? Have a month reservation in Maine but also one in Colorado Springs. Go East or go west??? West does seem to have its advantages!! Stay safe and keep writing. Love it.

    • Thanks, I appreciate it! We know exactly how you feel. It’s tough to figure this stuff out, especially when the situation keeps changing and governors are forced to make modifications with little warning. My gut sense is the Northeast is going to be tougher than a place like Colorado. Last I checked, Colorado’s numbers were pretty good, whereas New England is (justifiably) being extremely cautious with their opening. I’m pretty sure Maine has a 14 day quarantine order in place at the moment, but that could come anywhere. We’re half expecting we’ll have to do it when we get to Montana.

      I wish you guys the best. Just gotta stay flexible!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one amused by these things! And really – his ears are pretty spot on at times. We should just get the rest of the costume for him for Halloween!

  10. Thanks for the La Hacienda recommendation. We may be there next winter.

    San Diego housing is crazy-expensive and the best deals are not advertised. Placing wanted ads in neighborhood papers is most effective because the best rentals along the coastal areas and inner-city are illegal and priced right.

    Enjoy Glacier! We won’t make it that way this summer. Can’t wait to see your photos.



    • Interesting stuff about San Diego. Our original plan was to head there and set up in the RV for a month or two and then start with an Air BnB or something – just to make sure we wanted to stay there without committing to buying furniture and all that. Now, all bets are off, but whenever we go, we’ll want to dip our toe in the water carefully first. It’s good to know there are more than the usual listing services to consult, and all the more reason to take our time and not rush into anything.

      We were discussing how Austin would be a good place to set up for winter. It’s a great city and that park is really pretty nice. They might have decent availability next winter too, since I don’t think many of our Canadian friends are going to be coming south. 🙁

  11. “The fertile soil of Three Mile Island,” LOL!!! I loved this post, not only because it brought a big dose of much-needed humor into my day, but also because your photo collection offers a window into the workings of your mind. I am SO GLAD that I’m not the only one who documents such a random assortment of stuff. But I think you win.

    That photo of Thor in the bed with his arm (yes, arm) over the covers is adorable. That meme about the husband telling his wife how happy he was to be quarantined with her? Eric and I had almost exactly that same conversation. I was like, “Dude. I love you, but I wouldn’t mind having a few other friends around…”

    I know it wasn’t an easy decision for you to hit the road, but I’m glad you guys are out of the Texas heat. A wading pool can only do so much. Enjoy your hiking and exploring, far from the crazy people!

    • A scroll through the cell hone pics truly is a window into the mind… for better or worse. It really does help remind me of what we were dealing with at any given time. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

      One of the things we laugh about with Thor is that he puts himself to sleep. When he’s done with our night owl nonsense, he’s like “Peace Out!!” and just disappears into the bedroom. The only problem is when he refuses to move… or when he leaves eight pounds of dog fur on our pillows, but it’s still adorable.

      It is definitely good we all get along so well with our spouses, because this would be (really) rough otherwise, but yes, we are very much missing the normal interactions with our friends. Hell, we’re missing the normal everything. (Sigh…)

  12. To be fair, you knew about Florida Man when you decided to establish residency in our great state. Are you honestly surprised that Florida Man and his neighbors can’t follow simple instructions like “Stay home” and “Wear a mask”?? Here’s hoping your loose connection to Florida won’t cause you any issues.

    Stay safe out there! You know we will be very jealous to see photos of strange clothing like long pants and fleeces… our temperatures are not in the same range as Austin but still pretty oppressive. And you are visiting some particularly spectacular parks! We look forward to hate-reading future posts. 🙂

    • Oh, Florida-Man, what are we going to do with you?? Our beautiful home state truly does have a knack for doing stupid shit, that’s for sure. We really don’t know what to expect up here. On the one hand, the little towns near the national parks are completely reliant on tourist dollars and are happy to have visitors, but on the other, the facilities are small and locals are worried about medical clinics being overrun. While there’s no perfect solution, it sure would be less disheartening if we saw more people wearing masks… alas, we do not.

      Anyway, I’ll do my best to inspire you to dislike us. In the meantime, if you look up our current location right now, you’ll see there’s a possibility of SNOW showers tonight, so…. don’t be too jealous. 🙂

  13. Like you, we agonized about where and when to move on. Because we were hunkered down on our own property in southern Arizona at the beginning of the pandemic, it was “comfortable” to just stay there. Most sane folks start getting out of Dodge around here beginning in April. May 1st or so at the latest. We left Quartzsite June 16th, after several 110 degree days. WAY TOO LATE. Nevertheless, we’re now in Williams, Az. Cooler temps, beautiful surroundings, boondocking 2 miles from town. Eventually, we’ll head further north. Probably the San Juan Mountains of western Colorado. Maybe spend the summer touring the entire state. All the while, avoiding crowds and wearing masks when necessary. Such is the life of a Covid full-timer. Please stay on the road. And if that cannot be please continue to write as if you were. You truly are a gifted writer. You’re my Irma Bombeck (Google her young’n). ????

    • LOL. Who you calling “young’n”? Because if it’s me, please keep calling me that. That’s wonderful! I like it! 🙂

      Your summer plans sound fantastic. We have several friends who got stuck in Arizona later than expected this year and all have said it was brutal. But, the nice thing about that state is you can travel just an hour or two and be in a completely different world. We haven’t visited Williams yet, but I’ve seen photos and know that area is beautiful. The San Juan mountains are gorgeous, too. Sounds like you’re in for a nice summer, and since you’re happy to boondock, you can easily stay away from the crowds. Win, win.

      Stay well!

  14. That was one strange neighborhood! I wonder what would happen if you put the mannequin legs on the guy hanging from the tree? My phone is also full of random pictures, sometimes I go through it and think WTH?

    Glad you have found cooler temps and more scenery to enjoy. We are STILL in FL, but now we are in the middle of our fireworks season. We keep hoping we will be able to head out soon, but with growing concerns, who knows…we had a job offer in Utah, but…can you get there from here?

    • You know, great minds must truly think alike because I had the EXACT same thought about the two mannequin parts! I’m sure creepy noose guy would not appreciate that, but it would make his display a lot more fun! 🙂

      I wish I had helpful advice for you on the Utah thing. As of right now, you shouldn’t have any problem getting anywhere. We just drove from Texas to Idaho and it was pretty normal – just with a lot more “contactless” check ins. But things are changing so quickly and with so little notice, we are fully preparing ourselves to be told we need to quarantine or find alternate accommodations or change plans entirely. We’re doing our best to keep things simple, but we know that at any point, we may be left scrambling. On the other hand, it’s not 100 degrees here and we’ve been getting outside and doing much more hiking than we were in Texas…

      Whatever you do, I hope you guys stay well!

  15. What a crazy world we’re living in, add in mannequins and there’s no more to be said, 2020 is going to go down as the weirdest year yet. Glad you’ve found some cooler temps, send them to IL.

    • Seriously. Every time we’re like “things cannot get any weirder…”, 2020 is like “hold my beer…”

      We are definitely enjoying the better weather here, though it may be a bit TOO cold at the moment. They’re talking about possible snow showers tonight. (Gulp!)

      Hope you guys are doing well!

  16. I love the watermelon picture, it caught my eye right away! And yes that was a weird neighbourhood your were in 🙂

    The Keifer water project sounds interesting but you would probably make more money with the meth lab!

    I’m glad you were able to find somewhere cooler to stay, I can imagine how unsettling it must be travelling around during COVID and not knowing if you are welcome. We made a quick trip to Alberta to see our son and family and were worried our truck would get vandalized because Albertan’s wouldn’t want us there … it didn’t, they seemed to be happy to have us there 🙂

    • Awwwww, Canadians are so nice to each other. Down here, it’s crazytown all the time. There’s this great quote I saw that said something to the effect of “being a Canadian is like living above a meth lab.” That is probably so true, huh? Only in America do people get pissed off about having to wear a mask or wait to get a haircut so thousands of people don’t die. Ridiculous. Anyway, enjoy all your lovely neighbors and functional society. We’ll be down here, throwing temper tantrums at Trader Joe’s because we don’t want to wear a mask. (Insert eyeroll here.)

      Hope you guys are doing well!

  17. Good call staying away from San Diego, I would stay away from there as well. Nice that you are back in your rig and making plans. Yellowstone and Glacier should be great places to visit. We saw a lot of rigs on the road on our trip from Oregon back to South Dakota so there are tourists out and about!

    • There are DEFINITELY tourists out and about. We have been floored by how many people are in the parks just doing the normal stuff. RV travel and road trips are definitely the thing to do this summer.

  18. Happy to read an update from you guys! I was wondering what you had been up to and where you’ve landed. A thought: you could put a “Where we are now” note or widget on the right size of the blog. But, don’t do it just for me. 🙂

    Your paragraph “The more we talked about what to do, the less certain we were. There’s just so much unknown at this point. The virus, the upcoming election, the social climate, the economy, healthcare… all of it: unknown and unknowable for the foreseeable future. Between now and the end of the year, anything can – and probably will – happen. 2020 has been nothing if not eventful. We realized we just don’t know enough to make an informed decision about our future. The obvious answer, therefore, was to just keep doing what we’ve been doing until we have more clarity.” resonates 100% with us.

    Like you, we will be doing what we’ve been doing the last three months… wait and see if something comes up, draws us in, or stands out. Luckily, the weather in MA is OK. Our goal is to head west at some point too. Depending on when, we will spend time in Colorado or not. San Diego, unfortunately, is unaffordable for us, but we did enjoy multiple months of house sitting there in the past and have friends who live there, so visits are always possible. 🙂

    Enjoy the camping, hiking, and sightseeing in Yellowstone and Glacier Bay National Parks. I envy your locations and plans as I think it’s a fantastic time to visit those parks without all the (international) visitors. Yeah about those Florida plates. We worried about our MA plates for the longest time. How things can turn around in no time! Take care!

    • Yeah, your Massachusetts plates should cause no problems at all anymore, huh? It is crazy how that stuff has changed. Up here, there are plates from just about everywhere, so we don’t feel too awkward, and we’re staying in relatively touristy towns, so hopefully it won’t be an issue. It’s just a weird thing to even have to consider.

      We are definitely embracing the “wait and see” aspect of our lives. Even now, we are reconsidering our plans to head to California for the winter. We’ll just have to see how things are going. However, with priority #1 being to find somewhere warm to stay, and all the warm places being overrun with Covid right now, I’m not sure what the answer will be. Ugh. What a mess.

      Anyway, we’ll figure it out like always. Just gotta take it as it comes.


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