Busting Out of Barney

After about three weeks of being mostly home-bound, we were feeling ready to get out and experience a bit of New England.

Hot Air Balloons and Heartburn

When my brother suggested waking up at 4:45 a.m. to go watch hot air balloons launch at a local festival, my initial reaction was "Drop dead, brother."

Mastering Moochdocking in Manchester, Connecticut

We spent last week "moochdocking" or "driveway surfing" at my brother's house. We won't lie: staying in a nice spacious house again was pretty sweet!

Because Nothing says “Welcome to New York” Like a Death Threat…

It's not every day someone threatens to shoot you dead for walking down a lakeside path.  So when it does happen, it really is quite memorable.

Bridges, Brews, & Butterflies in Central Pennsylvania

Central Pennsylvania was a beautiful place to begin our travels and it perfectly melded several characteristics we were looking for.