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Assuming nothing has gone horribly wrong, our site should look very different today.

Houston, We Have A Problem: The Level 9 Tour Is Way Overpriced

The time we paid way too much for a tour of the Johnson Space Center

Expectations Exceeded in Galveston, Texas

I booked a stay in Galveston because it was located along our route between New Orleans and San Antonio. But as our visit got closer, we began second guessing.

A Taste of Mardi Gras at Mardi Gras World

As the wise Dirty Harry once said: "A man’s got to know his limitations." And so it was that Kevin & I decided to skip Mardi Gras.

New Orleans, Part Deux: Artists, Streetcars, & Tornadoes

We wandered the French Quarter, took the St. Charles Avenue streetcar, met RVers, dodged tornadoes, and continued to shovel food in our faces at an alarming rate.

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